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Knee Length Wedding Dresses

non-traditional brides who love, different unique, knee length wedding dresses.

Knee Length Wedding dresses provide an excellent alternative for a bride who desires a unique look on her special day. Anaessia offers a range of knee length wedding dresses in a variety of styles, materials and colours. 

Specialising in high end fashion runway dresses, elegant gowns and beautiful cocktail dresses. ANAESSIA the designer loves to create Ballerina Inspired dresses in 1950s. Our knee length wedding dresses are unique and different for a any special event, from the modern wedding civil ceremony. We have coloured wedding dresses as well.  From a glamour event wedding reception or just popping up to the registry office, you'll glow in Anaessia.   All of our knee length wedding dresses are ready to wear off the rack, in Sydney and Melbourne Stores. 

Specialising in Knee Length, Short Wedding Dresses
in Sydney & Melbourne Stores

Highly recommended by our customers and reviews, our stores are the most popular non-traditional bridal stores in Sydney and Melbourne. These different bridal boutiques appeal to brides and whoever is looking for a unique, special evening gown or cocktail dress or a knee length wedding dress, to walk in and shop around for their dream dress, off the rack.


From boho to lace, there's something for every bride. Perfect for a garden country theme, or a beautiful beach wedding.

More Styles In Store

One Off Designs and Limited Collections

All Off The Rack.

Complimentary Fitting Available. 

All Made With Love In Australia. 

For the Unique Bride
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  • Is it acceptable to wear a knee length wedding dress?
    Yes, absolutely! These days, you don't have to wear a white dress, a long dress or even any sort of dress. So if you choose to wear a knee lenth wedding dress, or dress trousers, or an orange jumpsuit - just go ahead and play your own game! You are the bride and this is your big day. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't have the knee lenth wedding dress of your dreams.
  • What does it mean if you wear a knee lenth wedding dress?
    Choosing a knee length wedding dress is a great way to show off your personality and style! But what does it say about you? It says that you are brave, daring, unique and fun! It shows that you can make up your own mind about your life and the things in it. You will not bow to tradition - you prefer to create your own traditions. And that starts with your knee-length wedding dress!
  • What sort of shoes can be worn with knee length wedding dresses.
    You might think you *have to* wear high heels with your knee length wedding dress, but the truth is, knee length wedding dresses also look wonderful with flats. Let's look at the case for both: High Heels: They look wonderful with your knee length wedding dress, especially if your legs are shapely and you fancy making a statement as you stride down the aisle. However, many high heel shoes that start out being comfortable, quickly get very UNcomfortable as the event wears on. So be sure you are up for the challenge of a 6+ hour event in your heels. Flat Shoes: Flat shoes bring a more relaxed feeling to your knee length wedding dress ensemble. In your flats, you can literally skip down the aisle! Think about the way a ballerina looks in her flaired tutu and ballet shoes. We at Anaessia think this is a sublimely beautiful look. So considering a ballet-shoe look to go with your knee-length wedding dress is going to be a winner every time. Grace and comfort in one!
  • What is the benefit of a knee length wedding dress?
    Besides showing your modern and creative attitude, wearing a knee length wedding dress has its own rewards: 1. They are easy to walk in, dance in, and don't forget the bain of all brides and their bridesmaids - going to the loo! Not a problem when you are wearing a knee length wedding dress. 2. Knee length wedding dresses are cool and comfortable. 3. You won't be too constricted, even after eating, as most knee length wedding dresses (at least those here at Anaessia) are fitted to the high waist line and then flaired. 4. You can re-wear your knee length wedding dress for many future occasions, making it a much better investment than a traditional length gown.
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