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Boho, Bohemian Lace Wedding Dresses

Our bohemian wedding dresses are perfect for the Modern Bride.

Stunning Boho Lace Wedding Dresses for Sydney & Melbourne Brides

will feel luxurious, elegant and unique.

For the bride who wants to feel dreamy and effortless on her wedding day, bohemian wedding dresses achieve a style that evokes a sense of wonder and whimsy. 

At our boutiques, you’ll find the perfect bridal gown for a woodland, beach, garden or countryside-themed wedding day.

Wedding gowns are such a personal choice, with each bride carefully choosing the look and style they love the most. Gone are the days when a white wedding gown symbolised outdated ideas of purity, innocence. The modern wedding gown is all about expressing your personality, style and flair. Simply, it’s that epic unique and different dress that you just fall in love with the moment you slip it on – the mirror will do all the talking, “This is the one!”

Available Online, in Sydney or Melbourne.

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